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Strategies 4 Life

providing solutions to mental health challenges
for individuals and in corporate environments







Strategies 4 Life

providing solutions to mental health challenges
for individuals and in corporate environments



My Story

I know how it feels to be so completely overwhelmed that a solution seems impossible!  

Experiences that provided me with the greatest suffering also developed within me the greatest wisdom.   

Now with enduring strength, insight and determination, I support clients to discover their own resources and to find solutions, no matter how unresolvable the situation appears. 

My own early childhood experiences exposed me to adversity,  with family dysfunction and issues around alcohol and infidelity.  By age twenty-two, I had lost seven significant friends and family through accidents and illness.

While studying at university in 1997, I met and married a farmer and moved to an isolated rural community in Western Australia.  In 2001 the area was hit by the worst drought in one hundred years.  Dust, hopelessness and stress filled the community impacting on everyone.

Filled with despair, we watched the drought take hold of our community and farmlands. 

Mental health issues became a significant problem.  Although I was studying psychology at this time, I experienced the importance of timely interventions and how limited talk therapy can be.   With a sense of urgency, I researched many therapies to attempt to reduce the overwhelm of the situation and the growing mental health issues.

Pregnant with our second child it was also the beginning of my own journey with debilitating anxiety.

Not everything has a happy ending, unfortunately. My greatest battle was to unfold with a person I least expected. After 20 years of marriage with co-dependency issues, and struggling to support my husband’s challenges with depression and borderline personality disorder, I was exhausted and had no more ideas on how to solve the problems. Our marriage ended. During the next three years, I was forced into an acrimonious separation in the family court system. The severity of the situation and my own vulnerability was exposed with the subsequent financial, emotional and mental abuse that followed. 

I found myself isolated on a property in the hills during the Parkerville fires of 2014 preparing to stay and fight to save all that I had left!

Finally, this story ended in 2016. Reflecting on the darkest days, I understand that it was all just an experience, and what mattered most was the story I told myself about it.  As a result of my experiences, research, education, and passion, I’ve developed effective and proven strategies that enabled me to reduce my client’s suffering and support their change back to a rewarding and fulfilling life.   Using learnings and techniques I used to restore my own fragile mental health, clients transform rapidly.

My own suffering helped to develop effective solutions for others.

My desire to find this effective method to resolve anxiety, addiction, stress-related illnesses, and other mental health challenges led me to study with many renowned therapists.  I now incorporate the work of Dr Wexler (USA) Domestic Violence, Dr Jules Leeb - Medical Hypnoanalysis, Dr O'Keefe (NSW) - Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation, Michael Yapko (Vic) - hypnosis, Dr Joe Dispenza - Neuroscience & quantum psychics, and Monash University, all continue to inspire me and provide innovations in creating change and staying current with the most effective methods. 

  Working with the incredible people who attend my clinic gives me the greatest joy by supporting them to reclaim their power and live the life they love.

About Karen Easter

Karen Easter

Using a combination of effective techniques to help people regain confidence, motivation and happiness. Clearing trauma in minutes, eliminating anxiety and regaining control over your life in a compassionate environment. Fast and effective.

Passionate to assist people to stop suffering, I have dedicated my studies to investigating and learning effective and accelerated therapies to change ineffective patterns of thinking and actions.

By combining my academic studies in psychology, sociology and nutrition with psychotherapy, NLP, hypnosis and counselling, I have developed methods that assist people to change on a fundamental level. 

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