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Strategies 4 Life

providing solutions to mental health challenges
for individuals and in corporate environments







Strategies 4 Life

providing solutions to mental health challenges
for individuals and in corporate environments



Other Sessions

15 mins free Session

We understand that you need to get a feel for how we work with you and how we can help you. Take advantage of our obligation free offer and book your free "get to know" session now.

Initial Session

At your the initial session we spend time understanding what your goals are, where you feel stuck, and what you desire to achieve from the sessions.   We spend time developing a strategy to succeed.   With your goals in mind you  will be given achievable modifications, or things to do at home, where applicable, to help you move quickly to feel more empowered.  Change occurs quickly and  you generally begin to experience a difference in how you feel within 3 sessions. While this therapy transform people rapidly into a more positive state, it is recommended to allow 4 to 15 sessions depending on the issue.  Complex issues require complex solutions.  Please note that the longer period of session does not necessarily require to be done in a block.  Please discuss this with Karen. 

Subsequent sessions

Depending on the issue and how long it has been a concern,  we allow each person to be the judge of their own therapy.  With encouragement, each client is assessed at the commencement of each session on how they are moving towards their desired outcomes.  This is achieve through a discussion at the commencement of the session, and then a plan is developed that is relevant to continue with progressing towards a beneficial outcome.  Clients are encouraged to be kind to themselves as they didn't get to their state overnight, it takes time, like any change including the one into a new positive way of life.  Sessions are unique to each individual, and clients are encouraged to attend within a two week time frame to ensure maximum benefit from the therapy. 

Book Free and Single Sessions

Strategies 4 Life

If you are in a program with us, please book your special subsequent session using this link to get there.
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Single Session - Initial Session @1.5 hour $180 Book initial session
Single Session - Subsequent Session @1 hour $160 Book subsequent session

Intensive Sessions

Occassionally it may be optimal to spend several hours with clients to assist them to achieve their goals in one session.  This may be conducive if they reside in the rural areas or would prefer to deal with issues in one session.  By using a combination of techniques we can create a strategy to achieve your goals.  Please feel welcome to discuss this with Karen Verrall on 0499 555 791.

Price on application.

About Karen Easter

Karen Easter

Using a combination of effective techniques to help people regain confidence, motivation and happiness. Clearing trauma in minutes, eliminating anxiety and regaining control over your life in a compassionate environment. Fast and effective.

Passionate to assist people to stop suffering, I have dedicated my studies to investigating and learning effective and accelerated therapies to change ineffective patterns of thinking and actions.

By combining my academic studies in psychology, sociology and nutrition with psychotherapy, NLP, hypnosis and counselling, I have developed methods that assist people to change on a fundamental level. 

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