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People who suffer from anxiety will often explain it is  an extremely intense physiological feeling or state that happens to them involuntarily in certain situations.  At times the anxiety could be so strong that it can seem like they are having an attack of some kind.  This will often lead to a visit to the doctor for medication and a referral to a psychologist.  This treatment protocol will then lead to a discussion regarding the emotional reasons behind the anxiety.  People often find this frustrating as they wish to just get rid of the feeling.

At Strategies for Life we review what is happening for the problem to keep re-occurring.  By identifying the triggers of the feeling or behaviour, anxiety can be addressed.  A trigger may be something a person will see, hear or feel.  It is not what you think, it is how you think of it.  

Although people tend to experience and speak of anxiety as a physiological symptom or diagnosis that happens to them, anxiety is very much part of a pattern which the brain and body has learnt and familiarized over the years.  People who do anxiety often will unconsciously do planning in some ways that can set the program for them to become anxious later.  This may include creating images of different ways the situation could turn out terrible, and it often includes a lot of self talk.  The dialogue will often be about the worry of having the anxiety.  All of this will directly contribute to  intense anxiety feelings.  

At Strategies for Life the objective is to disrupt these unwanted patterns effectively and teach the client better strategies for coping in the future.  This is so that the person would not be making those old associations in their mind anymore and instead they will be able to approach the situation with greater freedom of choice and with more flexibility.  Under lying issues are eliminated and the ability to think in a more empowered way is achieved.  The client is then able to approach the situation with greater freedom of choice and with more flexibility free of anxiety.

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