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We view addictions as a coping mechanism for stress, low self worth, depression, anxiety and/or trauma.  These addictions can be comprised of illegal chemicals, prescribe substances or/and food.  When the body has adapted to long term substance use it initially needs to be corrected through diet, exercise and detoxification. However, long term success is guaranteed by dealing with the reasons why a person started using in the first place as well, as well as the physical components.

When addressing these issues at Strategies for Life,  you will be equipped with new coping mechanisms and skills that enables you to deal with life events and keep your self worth high into the future. People who feel good about themselves and deal with reality effectively, even when life doesn’t go to plan, don’t need to use substances to excess as they have better coping options. Problems arise only when people stop learning other skills to handle emotion and self doubt. Substance use then becomes one of their coping mechanism, so when pressure increases their level of use will escalate until a crisis arises.

At Strategies for Life we look at many aspects of your lifestyle.  One of these areas include holding on to anger and other negative emotions that corrode our mental health and physical well being ....  "it is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies”… An important aspect of creating the life you want and being the person you want to be, is letting go of events, resentments, pain and anger from the past.  At Strategies for Life, without the need for months of talk therapy, we are able to clear these memories and emotions easily and without trauma, then move you into a more empowered way of thinking.   By releasing all of the reasons why you are doing an addiction, you are free to move into a situation of choice, and discover how you would like to live.  At Strategies for Life, after releasing you from the constraints, we can then develop a wonderful world of developing a life of full potential, enabling you to realise your dreams and aspirations. People are free to move forward, free from the emotional and physical weight of negative emotions.

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