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Phobias & Fears

A phobia is an inappropriate internal reaction to something external. Be it flying, spiders, water or even bananas!

How does something become a phobia?

We are bombarded with huge amounts of information every millisecond and to maintain our sanity, this information is filtered. Our memories are created by the information we wish to store. A phobia occurs when we receive information that is highly emotionally  charged and we go into fight/flight response and we experience panic. This information fails to be processed correctly and our brain struggles to make sense of the information.  The memory remains trapped causing high levels of anxiety when triggered.

It is unclear where phobias come from as they may be learnt responses from those we respect or provide care for us, or it may be the result of trauma.  Both of these cause this fear to adversely affect your body, your lifestyle and those around you.  The association may not be directly obvious, for example a fall as a child from a small height may cause a fear of climbing stairs!

Making sense of the situation or reciting statistics will not help the individual feel even remotely more comfortable. Many people feel inhibited and limited by their feelings which may result in isolation and missing out on events and opportunities in life.  Phobias and fears limit people's freedom to fully experience life.  People may even be ridiculed to the point where they may simply retreat or express undesired anger and frustration. None of these responses are beneficial to the individual or those around them.

At Strategies For Life a simple process releases the person from the limitations of Phobias and Fears.  This enables the memory to release and resolve the inappropriate fear. The process is quick and gentle and the results are amazing.

Even if the person is unaware of when the phobia commenced it is possible to trace it back to its origin with ease.  For more information please contact Karen Easter.


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