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Weight issues

We sustain weight for a variety of reasons.  Often people feel frustrated at their lack of motivation to eat well coupled with cravings for sugar or high carbohydrate snacks, and their inability to be motivated to exercise.  Low self esteem and negative feelings begin to increase and sometimes we find ourselves stuck and isolated, gaining weight and feeling miserable.  At Strategies for Life we identify triggers for eating issues and enable motivation and determination to empower active and healthy changes in life, where ever the problem originated from.  By eliminating thoughts and beliefs that hold you back, you move ahead quickly feeling healthy and motivated to achieve your goals.

Everyone is unique and so is their situation at Strategies for Life.   With our weight issues program we spend time understanding what the problem is and establish a plan specifically tailored to you.  The initial consult may take between 1 1/2  to 2 hours and include techniques to use at home, CD's , information on sleep and dietary guidance, suggestions for alternative habits and a plans and commitments for lifestyle changes at your pace.  Exercise and water consumption is reviewed, along with dietary modifications.  This initial consultation is an integral part of understanding where you want to be, how you will achieve your goal and what we can do to assist you to get there.  Through techniques provided, you will feel motivated and empowered, ready to begin your new journey towards a fitter, slimmer and healthier person, feeling supported and ready to move forward in to the new you.

The subsequent sessions provide support, techniques and guidance to keep you moving towards your goal, which becomes easier after each session.  Each visit keeps you on track and addresses any concerns  that may arise keeping  you moving towards your goal.   Depending on your goal,  consultations are generally 1-2 weeks  apart for the first 3 sessions and then become every 2 weeks or as you require them.  Weight reduction up to 10-15kgs you would generally have 4 - 6 sessions depending on the individual but this is very much up to the client and it could be as little as 2-3 sessions. 

For weight reduction more than 15kg we would develop an individual plan which could incorporate Hypnotic Lap Banding or using hypnotherapy incorporating motivation and adjusting the lifestyle.  Please call or email us at Strategies for Life for more information. 

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