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Loss & Grief

Grief and loss can be over whelming and leave you feeling unable to function normally and cope with daily situations.  The feeling of overwhelming grief can be instigated by the loss of a significant person as well as a cherished pet or animal that was a significant part of your life.   The grief of losing an animal companion is often as intense as losing a loved one and can have the same implications. 

Even a person who is typically resilient and strong can experience significant problems with bereavement and loss.  The negative feelings often overflow into work, sleep, relationships and maintaining a normal life becomes difficult.  Getting out of bed in the morning becomes a challenge.  Your health may also begin to be impacted on in these situations. 

When grief begins to overwhelm people it can become destructive in our relationships, work and health.  It is difficult to continue to maintain a happy and healthy life with issues of bereavement getting in the way of daily living.  Constructive advice from those who have dealt with grief often can assist people to understand the different ways that healing can occur.  Most people who have discovered strategies to deal with their loss have used constructive ways to remember their loved ones and learn new ways to carry their shared values into the future.  Instead of dwelling on grief and sadness, these people learned to embrace the memories of their loved ones and remember them in a  positive way focusing on what they received from the relationship that they can take and share with others.  This enables people to keep the memory of the person (animal) alive and replaces it with a positive feeling where there was grief and loss. 

It may not seem possible right now but you can learn how to honour and remember your loved one, and share their special qualities to create positive memories and experiences.  This can create emotions that are warm and positive rather than anxious and unhappy. 

At Strategies for Life we can assist you to move forward and begin to feel healing  begin.  By enlisting your mind as a powerful tool and engaging it in constructive thought patterns it is a big step toward dealing with grief and loss.  This works at both a conscious and unconscious level, enlisting your inner resources to help you move forward smoothly into a more resourced place.  

Allow Strategies for Life to  assist you to turn grief into calm and a strong sense of peace which allows your memories to be positive and happy.  For more information call or email Strategies for Life.

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