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Depression is the feeling of despair and sadness, fatigue, guilt and anger.  It can be an  overwhelming and  debilitating problem leaving people feeling hopeless, listless, isolated and drained.  Depression impacts considerably on relationships with others in a negative way.  

In some people that are doing depression they may show the opposite of 'traditional depressive symptoms' in that they may 'over do things' as  part of their symptoms of depression.  Overworking, going to the gym continuously, overly high sexual drive  and over doing other areas of life  to the point of extreme.  Often this is typical of male depression as they push into an 'over drive' cycle.  

Many times people experiencing depression don't recognise right away what is happening.  They get lost in feeling miserable and cannot get a perspective on the situation. They feel stuck in their cycle.  Some of the most common symptoms of depression include; sleep issues, fatigue, frustration, anger,  changes in appetite (over eating or under eating), self blame and self criticism. 

Understanding that the past does not hold the key to releasing the problems,  but only by tapping into the deeper thought process and releasing and replacing them with positive and healthy thought patterns helps.  People begin to feel more empowered,  and then they can begin constructing a more positive outlook.   By focusing on how you want to feel and what is it going to look like and how it will be experienced,  people feel they are heading into a more positive place and are leaving the past behind.  This  is the answer to breaking old patterns and cycles.  By using a variety of techniques,  clients are able to avoid long sessions of emotional discussions.  Instead, past issues can be released easily without much detail and the person feels  lighter and happier quickly and easily.  

Using the techniques and strategies utilised at Strategies for Life,  clients can achieve significant positive shifts, rapidly and without lengthy exploration of the past.  They utilise their inner resources and put a stop to depression forever.  Clients are able to enjoy staying in the present moment and become more effective.  They handle and process memories in a different and more positive way and improve their general mood and genuinely enjoy each day.  The future looks brighter and people feel a relief and sense of optimism about the future.   

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