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Binge Eating ...

Feel good food

Have you ever lost control with eating?  Perhaps a few bags of lollies or chocolates started an unstoppable sickening binge which lead to feeling disgusted with yourself, ill and annoyed that all control had abandoned you?  

When we feel unloved, lonely, depressed, overwhelmed or are enduring negative emotions we crave good feelings.  Our amazing brain recalls times in our lives when we had extremely pleasurable experiences.   The brain encourages us to re-experience pleasurable times to provide a solution to our current negative state.  Pleasurable experiences are often associated with food.  These associations can come from parents providing us with treats, or the simple indulgences of feel good chocolate, cakes, etc., which help us to release the endorphins and feel better if only temporarily.  

Our brain stores all our experiences and memories in the sub-conscious mind.  We can retrieve the good experiences to assist us with changing our situation when we feel sad, depressed, anxious or unhappy in someway. The actual cause of the negative emotion also lies in the sub-conscious memory. By identifying the triggers that motivate you to binge eat, we can easily release the desire to binge eat as well as release you from the experiences that have created the negative emotions originally.  You are then free to live life unlimited…… 

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