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The Tapping Solution For Teenage Girls

Tapping Solution

How To Stop Freaking Out And Start Being Awesome

Dealing with grades, bullying, friendships, parents, crushes . . . it's enough to make any teenage girl wish she could snap her fingers and make it all go away. The good news is, you almost can--except it's not "snapping" but "tapping"!

Formally known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), this revolutionary practice can help you reduce your feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, boost your confidence, and unpack the "stress backpack" you may not even know you're carrying.

In The Tapping Solution for Teenage Girls, expert EFT practitioner Christine Wheeler explains the basics of the technique (it actually involves tapping, with your fingers, on energy points on your own body, and you can do it anywhere, anytime). Then she gives you simple yet powerful instructions for tapping on common challenges such as: schoolwork, tests, grades, and planning for college, appearance and body image, dating, breakups, and dealing with sexual feelings, divorce, siblings, and blended families.

Throughout the book, comments from 16-year-old Cassidy, the author's teen consultant, keep it real with helpful perspectives on how this tapping thing works--and it does work! In these pages, you'll discover that a super effective tool for dealing with stress is literally at your fingertips. If you're ready to be true to yourself, stop freaking out, and keep being awesome, The Tapping Solution for Teenage Girls is the perfect solution for you!

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