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Binge Living – How overdoing is the cause of underachieving

$2,750.00 each

Binge Living is infiltrating our lives leaving us feeling overwhelmed with choice and access, yet under resourced to enjoy it, creating anxiety and distress.  Binge Living is defined as long periods at work followed by short amounts of time off that consist of poor decision making, over consumption of alcohol, actions and reactions, and huge amounts of food and regret.  But it is more than that, it is over doing things that do no fulfil us, and then a vast feeling of emptiness, frustration, and the cycle continues. This impacts on our mental health, productivity and longevity of life.

Managing Binge Living is not as difficult as it may first appear.  Catalysts for change may be closer than you realise, providing alternatives to bring back a quality in life and a sense of control and power over choices.

What is this workshop about?

internet addictStrategies to bring the choice back into life and build a better workplace of positive mental wellness.

  • Impact of Binge Living on work and home life
  • Understanding Emotional Wellbeing
  • Understanding Binging & Addictions
  • Knowing My Role in Creating Behaviours
  • Awareness - What am I getting from this behavioural addiction?
  • Breaking the Cycle (BIKE)
  • Interventions
  • Personal support options

Topics Include

What is Bingeing & Addiction?
How does Bingeing & Addiction Develop?
What Happens in the Brain? Neuroscience
Cravings | Triggers | Taking Control
Breaking the Cycle (BIKE) - Interventions
6 Step Process to Freedom
Personalised Solutions
Strategies & Support Ideas

The workshop will include a course workbook, case studies, activities, demonstrations and facilitated discussion.

Who should attend?

Managers, team leaders, HR staff, business owners and employees who would like to feel competent to support the reduction of addictive behavioural patterns.  Working with individuals and groups, this workshop creates resources that will benefit all who attend.  Providing practical tools and strategies which support individuals to more resilient and empowered to do things better, while improving productivity levels.

Workshop options can focus on management or/and employees over a full day or half-day presentation.  Please discuss your requirements with Karen. 

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