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The Ultimate AnxietyClear® Toolkit

Reduce anxiety, stop overthinking and get your life back!

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Reduce anxiety, stop overthinking and get your life back!

About AnxietyClear®

The AnxietyClear® online course is The Ultimate Toolkit For Reducing Your Anxiety.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, overthinking, heart racing, catastrophising and battling a sense of unexplainable doom – then it’s time to take this course and get your life back for good!

When you suffer from anxiety, it can often feel like you’ll never get the real you back. But you can.

Debilitating anxiety is temporary and CAN be overcome.

Don’t give up hope. Your chance to finally be free is here.

In this course you will learn…

Without adversity, we do not grow stronger; without challenges, we do not learn who we can really be!

How the Ultimate AnxietyClear® Toolkit Works


Interactive Lessons

Click, read, watch and have fun as you engage in a learning experience designed to be as engaging and entertaining as it is informative. 


Gain the Tools

Through easy to follow lessons and activities, learn how to use a toolkit of techniques to reduce anxious thinking from the comfort of your own home.


Practice the Techniques

Week by week, you will gain the understanding along with a range of practical methods to begin identifying and reducing anxious thinking.


Gain Freedom

Take control of your life and gain the freedom to think clearly with thoughts that inspire you, live fully without fear, and be the best you!

Course Curriculum

Meet Your Trainer

Karen Verrall Strategies 4 you

Speaker/Facilitator/Mental Health Counsellor

Karen Easter

A specialist in anxiety, trauma and addiction who helps people from 6 to 96 develop a better relationship with themselves. I believe anyone can change when they’re given the knowledge and tools to let go of fear and suffering and build a better life.

I take a different approach to counselling, using integrated modalities such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and brain training techniques. With over 10 years of clinical practice, I’ve developed TraumaClear®, a technique which clears the emotions of traumatic memory in minutes.

After seeing the success of this I created AnxietyClear® a program to stop anxiety, and then AddictionClear to help with alcohol, food and smoking addictions.  I feel privileged to do the work I do as I continue to develop projects, programs and on-line learnings to be more accessible for more people to achieve a life they love.


You may begin to feel better immediately by simply understanding anxiety. By applying the strategies to you daily life you will begin to change quickly. The more you use your strategies in your life, the faster you will feel more confident. Three weeks of practicing your toolkit is generally a good time to compare your achievements.

Yes, it is more beneficial. The course is structured for you to develop knowledge about anxiety and then build on this with strategies and skills to create change. It is beneficial for you to complete all modules and practices to help you change faster.

The strategies and tools can assist everyone to reduce anxiety. Children can benefit from some strategies, but another child specific toolkit is being develop specifically to help parents and teachers reduce anxiety in children.

There are more than 20 strategies to reduce anxiety in the toolkit. It is likely you will benefit from several of them to feel more empowered to make changes in your life. Having one tool to help you feel better is beneficial, so I encourage you to try The Ultimate AnxietyClear® Toolkit.

This toolkit is design to help you reduce anxiety. It can work as an adjunct (part of a strategy) to help prevent you increasing anxiety which debilitates you. These strategies have been effective in helping people to stop anxiety that prevents them from doing things, but you may also require professional support and/or medication to achieve your goal of stopping debilitating anxiety completely.

Knowing what to do and how to change your thinking can make you feel more confident and enable you to change your thinking. You can reprogramme how you feel with the knowledge, strategies and workbook provided in this toolkit.

All anxiety can be reduced to normal levels, regardless of how long you have been doing it. Commitment to doing the work will provide you with the best and quickest result.

The Ultimate AnxietyClear® Toolkit provides you with strategies that are effective for all people regardless of medication. Only your doctor can advise you about medication, so it is best to check with them when you start to feel better.

The Ultimate AnxietyClear® Toolkit is designed to be worked through as a program at a minimum 2 times a week and the strategies require to be implemented and practiced daily to experience your levels of anxiety reducing.

Some of the techniques are suitable for children, but a program is being developed for reducing anxiety specifically in children due by May 2022.

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