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Feelings of shame & stress - Complex Trauma

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Like many people, my childhood was not ideal. I was almost constantly in fear, and feelings of shame and stress were daily occurrences. It left me with many scars, and unhelpful beliefs about myself including very low self esteem, unhappiness and a constant desire make others happy at the expense of myself. As a mother I did not want this cycle passed onto my beautiful children. So I sought help through various psychologists.

This process was extremely costly and time consuming. I also tried various natural therapies, to no avail. Diet and exercise helped, but again did not really address the root of the problem. Finally, the doctor recommended antidepressants, leaving me feeling completely disempowered. With one crazy, last effort having read about the amazing healing that can occur from hypnotherapy to help deal with past trauma, I called Karen.

Karen has been the most positive step I have made in my life. I now feel in control of my life, and am beginning to realise that not only can I be happy, but that I deserve to be. I leave each and every session with amazing insights that help me feel empowered and let go of all the negative baggage such as anger, sadness and bitterness and somehow look at difficulty situations with fresh eyes and hope. Karen is also an amazing listener, who does not judge and so I feel I can be completely honest about my true thoughts and feelings. Everyone in my family, my husband and even my friends have noticed the improvements in my mood, and work has certainly been more enjoyable too. I cannot thank Karen enough for the changes that have occurred, and although I still feel the need to see her, I know that it will not be forever as I have the key to healing is within me. She has also helped with my sleep, my panic attacks have stopped altogether, and I am now making time to enjoy life, instead of being caught up " in my head" after all these years. Although still difficult, I am learning to have strong boundaries with people who are a negative influence on my life, including close family which has always been a challenge. I cannot thank Karen enough for the help she has given me. I guess the biggest lesson I have learnt from her is that life is forever challenging me. However, it is within my power to be able to deal with it. Discovering how to love myself has been an amazing journey, as have had 42 years of not doing so and I think really the key to healing. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough, to anyone out there who is willing to be brave enough to not just ' get by day to day," but to choose happiness instead. Surely everyone deserves that?

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