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Anxious and fearful about going to work

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I'm a mental health Occupational Therapist and after several incidents at work involving aggressive and impulsive patients, I became anxious and fearful about going to work, and was seriously considering resigning. After seeing Karen and working through the TraumaClear program, I am no longer fearful and can again look forward to going to work!

One example is of a patient who became aggressive and intimidating in a therapy session and induced the flight response in me. I was subsequently very anxious about seeing them again. After Karen cleared this event, the next time I saw the patient I had no anxious reaction, and was able to effectively engage with the patient. 

I would recommend health professionals seek treatment from Karen to manage anxiety, improve their comfort and effectiveness at work and overall well-being in their personal life. 

Karen is very knowledgeable, understanding and non-judgemental and it is evident that she has a genuine interest in helping people to be the best version of themselves.

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