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Bad dreams, anxious & not sleeping

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When our daughter, 8 yrs old, was experiencing very graphic bad dreams and an inexplicable fear of the dark, Karen Easter was able to assist. Little Miss was becoming anxious about getting to sleep, and self-settling when she awoke during the night. She was waking 2-3 times a night and no-one, including us as parents, were getting a good night’s sleep. Bedtime was stressful and our family was frazzled.

Using her nurturing nature to initially help our daughter feel comfortable, Karen then taught her how to re-frame what she was feeling and how to take back control. She taught her these skills in a child appropriate way. The results were almost instant and after one session we had an improvement. Our daughter took to Karen very quickly and when after just 2 sessions she didn't need to return, she was quite sad.

We recommended Karen to a friend after her daughter was having difficulty with anxiety, and they too reported a much similar experience.

I would highly recommend Karen Easter

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