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Karen is absolutely amazing

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I have been taking my daughter, who suffers from anxiety, to see Karen for the last couple of years. Karen is absolutely amazing with her and manages to ease her anxiety and brings her back to a manageable level. My daughter is a high achiever and puts some huge pressures on herself in regards to this. The anxiety seems to escalate over time so when it does build up to a unmanageable level we book a session with Karen. The results afterwards are fantastic. It isn't necessarily like turning a light on and off but during the week following I can notice the differences in her and her much calmer disposition. 

A bonus of visiting Karen for a session is also the wonderful location of her offices. There is a lovely cafe on the premises and my daughter and I take the time to have a hot drink and a snack, something that my daughter absolutely loves to do with me. So for us this is an absolute bonus of visiting Karen. 

I am so grateful we have found Karen and have recommended her to many of my friends, who have all have wonderful results in their lives from seeing her. I would highly recommend contacting Karen for any issues you may be experiencing in your life. She is a very warm and kind person which I believe compliments her professionally. I am so glad I found Karen and forever grateful she has been able to help my daughter get through this time.

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