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AnxietyClear Workshop - Helping Children Stop Anxiety

Are you a parent of a child with anxiety?

In Australia 1 in 7 Children (4-17years) suffer anxiety.

You can do something NOW!

With an increasing number of children and adults suffering from Anxiety there is an urgent need to provide an understanding of What You Can Do to reduce it.

This workshop provides answers and practical solutions to help children to reduce anxious thinking and actions. By understanding;


  • What is Anxiety?
  • How is it created?
  • Different types of Anxiety & strange manifestations
  • How does Anxiety impact on behaviour and health?
  • Steps to manage Anxiety and reduce triggers
  • Identifying and Eliminating the cause – gone forever

These simple strategies can often reduce the escalation of anxiety that leads to the development of debilitating anxiety.  These courses are developed with prevention in mind. 

Karen has been working with children & adults since 2011, specialising in anxiety, trauma & addiction.  Using a unique combination of therapies, including psychology, psychotherapy, NLP & hypnosis she has assisted hundreds of clients to feel better faster than traditional therapies. 

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