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In any one year, around 1 million Australian adults have depression,
and over 2 million have anxiety.

You are not alone and we can help you regain control of your life.

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Are you dealing with anxiety, trauma or addiction?


Maintaining routines, being overwhelmed by daily tasks, or fighting with your thoughts is common for a lot of people.

At Strategies 4 Life we understand that life isn’t always easy, it is sometimes frustrating, and overwhelming. But I can help you, by providing long term personalised solutions to get back in control and start taking life into your own hands. Identifying the core of the problem, and creating a treatment plan addressing your needs.

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Programs to help you create change

Anxiety Clear Program

AnxietyClear Program

Are you experiencing anxiety? Anxiety is commonly caused from stress, fear, worry and panic, triggering a feeling of overwhelm and depression.

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Trauma Clear Program

TraumaClear Program

Are you suffering from traumatic memories? Traumatic memories can be created from accidents, loss of loved ones, or other major happenings causing shock to your body. Support and permanent relief is available.

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Addiction Clear Program

AddictionClear Program

Are you experiencing addiction? Addiction comes in many shapes and forms, most commonly to food & substances. It is treatable by identifying the core issue driving the behaviour.

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Weight - Thinking Well

Weight - Thinking Well

Struggling to regain control of your weight? By addressing the real cause of the issue, you can stop your struggle with weight. Using simple techniques, you will let go of stubborn weight and old habits easily, creating a new healthy life and your perfect size.

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Are you ready to take control?


Asking for support takes courage. Too often we battle things out alone, using the same ways of coping, which keep us stuck, year after year.

The programs I've developed truly work. To help you move forward, read the case studies of other clients, who have been through these programs with me.

I know it can take a leap of faith, especially if you've been to other health providers and haven't had success before.

To help you move forward, read the case studies of other clients, who have been through these programs.

Clients Results

Clients results


Private health insurance


If you have private health cover you may be entitled to claim your sessions pending your insurance inclusions.

Please contact your health provider for details on coverage for ‘hypnotherapy’.

If you have been involved in an accident or crime, you may be eligible for government assistance. Please ask for guidance regarding this when you contact me.

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About Karen Easter

Karen Easter

Hi, I am Karen and I specialise in supporting people to resolve anxiety, trauma and addiction.

As early as I can recall, I remember being curious and passionate. Determined to understand I questioned my extremely patient father about "why" we behave in particular ways. How do we learn to understand and create our perspective of our world?  What makes us so different from each other and how do we learn the right way to interpret communication, verbal and nonverbal?   This developed into a desire to challenge myself to be the best I can be, and led to a lifelong journey of discovery.  My passion developed to discover a fast and ef...

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"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality or your thoughts."
Marcus Aurelius 121AD

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