Healing Anxiety, Managing Stress and Regaining Control

Strategies 4 Life offers a combination of therapies to help people with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties. We can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms so you can function better and increase well-being and healing. You will feel an increased sense of self-worth, better self-esteem and build confidence in your capabilities.

Problems helped by our client-centred treatments include difficulties in coping with daily life, the impact of trauma (TraumaClear®), relationship issues, and specific mental disorders, like depression or anxiety. 

Together we discover what is the right solution for you to achieve your goal!

At Strategies 4 Life we are committed to supporting change
in individuals and groups through sessions and workshops.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Do you have constant worries?
Are you struggling to sleep?
Are relationships breaking down?

Heal Anxiety, Manage Stress and Regain Control

If you’re asking yourself if there’s any hope for recovery, then the answer is YES. Just because you haven’t found a solution before, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. I’ve helped hundreds of clients who were feeling hopeless, traumatised and anxious to let go of fear and feel safe, confident and free to live a life of limitless potential.

Many clients who did not find success in traditional talk therapy,
found relief with the combination of processes used at Strategies 4 Life.

Are you seeing increasing absenteeism?
Are you struggling to support distressed employees?
Are there relationship issues within the team?
Are preventable mistakes being made?

Support mental health in your workplace

In a busy corporate environment, it can be a challenge to support employees experiencing workplace anxiety, addiction issues, relationship challenges, and social isolation. 

I provide solutions for corporate and business environments that target these issues. Having worked in many industries with clients from FIFO families 

When we work together, I will create a customised program with tailored workshops that meet the needs of your staff, tackling stress and relationships issues.

With the increasing rates of suicide in the male population it is imperative business supports change by providing mental health initiatives. 

I know we can make a positive impact with effective communication strategies and coping skills training. If we can save even one life together then it’s worth it! Create a lifeline today to mental wellness.


Hi I’m Karen,

A specialist in anxiety, trauma and addiction who helps people from 6 to 96 develop a better relationship with themselves. I believe anyone can change when they’re given the knowledge and tools to let go of fear and suffering and build a better life.

I take a different approach to counseling, using integrated modalities such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and brain training techniques.

With over 10 years of clinical practice, I’ve developed TraumaClear®, a technique which clears the emotions of traumatic memory in minutes.

After seeing the success of this I created AnxietyClear® a program to stop anxiety, and then AddictionClear to help with alcohol, food and smoking addictions.

I feel privileged to do the work I do as I continue to develop projects, programs and on-line learnings to reach more people.

Our programs provide

Strategies 4 Life Confidence
To be in charge of your thoughts
Strategies 4 Life Confidence
To be yourself
Strategies 4 Life Confidence
To live how you choose