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The Trauma Clear Program



Are you suffering from traumatic memories?

Traumatic memories can be created from accidents, loss of loved ones, or other major happenings causing shock to your body. Support and permanent relief is available.

Have you suffered from childhood abuse or been in relationships where you were a victim of physical or emotional violence?

Or do you work in an industry where you are the first on the scene of traumatic events? Or have you been involved in an accident or experienced a sudden shock, such as the loss of a loved one?

You are not alone. Trauma impacts many people across the world, from all walks of life. It can be difficult to explain to others and hard to understand, as the effects can be unpredictable.

Often traumatic events and experiences can leave us feeling disconnected from others, including those we love. We can feel stuck and trapped by these emotions.

If this sounds like you, please know that support and permanent relief is available.

The TraumaClear® Program provides a proven method for releasing traumatic memories.

2 Hours Initial Session, Costs $250

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How to recognise trauma

If you’ve experienced a recent traumatic event you can often feel easily overwhelmed and have trouble sleeping.

Sometimes, if there were too many events to count, we may not remember the exact circumstances, but we know we feel disconnected, easily overcome by emotion and misunderstood by others.

You might also be “hyper-vigilant”, feeling like you’re on high alert all of the time. Alternatively, you might have completely shut down, moving through life as if trudging through thick mud.

You might also be:

  • Avoiding people, places and things that remind you of past events.
  • Having repetitive memories of events that cause you to feel very anxious and distressed.
  • Experiencing triggers that bring memories or feelings into your body and mind.

Often we are unaware of the impact of these events on our daily life.

If this sounds familiar then the TraumaClear Program may be the solution for you.

What is psychological trauma?

Psychological trauma is created when you have been exposed to a severely distressing event. This imprints into the mind.

Traumatic memory is created through the experience of feeling unable to cope as it is so overwhelming. The emotions created during this time are often so great they are not able to be integrated into the mind and aged as other memories are.  This can leave you feeling like you are reliving the event, over and over.

A traumatic event can be a one time experience, or it may be from repeated events of being overwhelmed.  This can occur over weeks, years, or even decades as you struggle to cope with the immediate circumstances, eventually leading to serious, long-term negative consequences.

However, trauma differs between individuals. Many people can witness or experience traumatic events, but not everyone will develop challenges in the same way. Each of us is unique.

All of these experiences imprint on the brain and cause your perception of the world to change. It often causes you to feel unsafe and you can shut down part or all of your emotions, or become overly vigilant. This can lead to trouble sleeping, concentrating and enjoying life.

Your behaviour may have changed and you respond differently since the traumatic experience.  Some people find ways of coping with traumatic memory through eating disorders, addictions, withdrawing from society, feeling judged, disconnected, angry, depressed, anxious, stressed and many other personality changes, as the mind tries to cope with the experience.

What types of trauma are there?

  1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be created through a single incident in a person’s life in which they feel their life has been threatened, or they may have experienced sexual trauma.  Some people may have been exposed to something that was extremely distressing to them. These events may cause you to suffer flashbacks, do avoidance behaviour, hyperarousal and emotional changes.
  2. Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs after a prolonged period of trauma, including a belief that there is no escape.  This may occur through prolonged child abuse (emotional or physical), prolonged domestic violence (emotional or physical), and can develop in childhood or as an adult.  This can also be developed in situations of combat and war.

Trauma may be responsible for the development of major depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, digestive issues, Crohns, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), fibromyalgia, and other health-related issues.

Even when you have left the traumatic environment, if the memory is not addressed, over time, you may continue to experience an increase in symptoms.

This may cause you to suffer and can often lead to withdrawal from friends and family.  You may be also at an increased risk of mental health issues and physical health challenges.

How can traumatic experiences be resolved?

When the brain experiences traumatic events it processes it differently than other memories.  By identifying what events have created your feelings we can begin to erase the emotions attached to the memory.

People who experience the method of TraumaClear ® often feel better within days, some even within hours of the first session.

It’s important to know, you will not need to repetitively revisit the memory, so you are not re-traumatised. Also, you do not need to share the details about the traumatic event if you would prefer not to.

What is the TraumaClear® Program?

The TraumaClear® Program releases the emotions, allowing the traumatic memories to go into the natural ageing process.  The brain then ages your memories and they can not cause distress again.  You may even forget them completely if you choose to.

The best thing about the TraumaClear® Program is that it’s so simple.

By using a simple, quick and effective process of scrambling these memories, you can enjoy a fast clearing of emotions, generally within two minutes.

People often say they feel lighter, they stop reacting to things that previously annoyed them, some have even let go of addictive behaviours. They are also able to make deeper connections with others.

How long does it take?

The TraumaClear® Program is purposefully designed to help you achieve change rapidly in the sessions, and provides you with support to continue that change in all areas of life.

It helps you to remain feeling confident and moving towards the personal outcomes you desire.

You’ll have time to decide a new destination for your future and break the journey down into achievable steps. By approaching change in this way, you can achieve amazing and, most importantly, permanent results.

What results can I expect?

By participating in the TraumaClear® Program, you can enjoy a rapid transformation.

You will feel free of worry and overwhelm, and begin to enjoy a feeling of safety and security.  Imagine never having to revisit the memory again. Confidently moving forward.

You can also expect to regain control over your life.  Feeling happiness and love, and having the energy and desire to build strong relationships with others again.

Each client responds differently, for some change can be immediate, for others it can take five days to feel the full effect of letting go of the fear caused by trauma.

What is included in the TraumaClear® program?

The TraumaClear® program includes eight one-to-one sessions, as experience shows about eight sessions generally brings complete and lasting relief.

During your first session, a detailed questionnaire will be completed, to provide a summary of your history and current challenges.

During this session, I will begin to understand what has been happening for you that has created the unwanted feelings and issues.

I will explain the therapies and then establish a personalised plan to achieve your desired outcome.  You will enjoy learning how to manage stress and emotions on this day, to begin your journey of change.

Subsequent sessions are usually scheduled at the same time each week.

Each session is tailored to suit your unique situation and history, and will depend on your progress, however, will always include therapy and discussion time.

Throughout the program, you’ll also receive additional resources to support your progress.

Most clients begin to experience a more confident and happy life after the fourth session. The final four sessions help embed the new behavioural and thinking habits into place and ensure old patterns are replaced with your desired outcome.

The sessions are held at my counselling rooms in Darlington Western Australia during office hours and on Saturdays, by appointment.

Why choose a program?

When you are limited by fear or suffering, you do not live your life freely.  What is this really costing you?

It impacts relationships and often our financial situation.  By investing time in yourself now,  you can move into a better place.  By committing to a program you ensure your success.

Remember, you didn’t develop your situation overnight and it is unlikely to be resolved until something shifts.

Change requires commitment. Through repetition and support, combined with applying new ideas and techniques to release old patterns you will succeed.

All of my programs have been tried and tested. They work for those who desire to change their life.  Clients who have been through this program now enjoy new jobs, better relationships and more confidence.

Once you step forward for yourself, you too will be more able to enjoy your freedom and achieve your dreams and goals.


Ready to Begin?

Our first step will be to schedule your first appointment (two-hours) and arrange for the payment of $250, which covers this session. You can also get contact me and I’ll be in touch very soon. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you resolve your anxiety once and for all. You can pay via my online booking system using a credit card or PayPal, or arrange to pay by direct deposit or cash at your session.

Initial Session

The initial session for the AnxietyClear®  Program is 2 hours duration, allowing time to create the appropriate solutions. During this time we will discuss the optimum program for you. Generally 6 sessions will be effective to release you from anxiety, provide you with resources and support materials.

2 Hour Initial Session
Cost $250

Subsequent Session

At your initial session the program options will be discussed with so you can decide what will suit you best. Alternatively you are welcome to book a Free call with Karen.

Client Reviews

No negative thoughts or intimidation

Hi Karen, I just thought I’d let you know how things went at my last horse event. I didn’t find myself getting negative thoughts or being intimidated by other riders and their teams. I feel I rode really well and didn’t make any mistakes. It was a super confidence building weekend, so I think good results from my time with you again. Thanks so much.

Sue C, Western Australia

Skeptical and distrusting in the beginning

I was very skeptical and distrusting at the beginning, but at my wit's end, I had to do something to combat my anxiety as it was taking over my life. When I left after our first meeting, I thought really that EVERYONE could benefit from seeing Karen, she has so much to offer. Over the course of six sessions, my trust in myself grew immeasurably — I was free to move in my life again, to do the things that I wanted to do without being crippled by anxiety and past traumas. Karen has helped me beyond words, and I am very grateful to have found her.

H. Brown, Western Australia

Everyday life gets better and better

Just to say thanks Karen for helping me out. You have definitely changed the way I think, you are amazing at what you do.
Its been around about 5 weeks since I last seen you and every day gets better and better, I love it no more thinking and going over and over things all the time, life is good.
Thanks again I would recommend anyone out there to go and see Karen, she will change your life forever ????????????????

Andy, Western Australia

Remove anxiety and overthinking from my day to day life

I am so grateful for Karen's help to remove anxiety and overthinking from my day to day life. The feelings were building after a few bad experiences but her practices have removed those horrible feelings and have helped me move on with my life.
She was welcoming and helpful and after each hypnosis session I instantly felt relaxed and calm. I am so happy with the results and how fast they worked after only a couple of session. I feel much more myself and in control of my life again!

Monica E, Western Australia

Karen Verrall

About Karen Easter

  • B.A. (Soc Sc)
  • Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy (NSW)
  • CHt. Practitioner NLP (NSW)
  • Master Practitioner, Human Neuro Linguistic Psychology
  • Advanced Dipl. Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP & Psychotherapy


If you have any questions about the program, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or simply Book a complimentary 30 minute session with Karen or Contact Us.

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