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Trauma Release - Clearing Limitations



“Hi Karen, I just wanted to let you know that the wedding went really well. I was nervous getting ready but I was so calm during the ceremony (everything we covered in the sessions). I spoke really well and I am so glad we ran through the day a couple of times! I was so emotional and teary all morning (which we didn’t work on) but fine once I got there! So glad it’s over! I no longer feel sick!! Thanks for your help.


Remove anxiety and overthinking from my day to day life

I am so grateful for Karen’s help to remove anxiety and overthinking from my day to day life. The feelings were building after a few bad experiences but her practices have removed those horrible feelings and have helped me move on with my life.
She was welcoming and helpful and after each hypnosis session I instantly felt relaxed and calm. I am so happy with the results and how fast they worked after only a couple of session. I feel much more myself and in control of my life again!

Monica E, Western Australia

Everyday life gets better and better

Just to say thanks Karen for helping me out. You have definitely changed the way I think, you are amazing at what you do.
Its been around about 5 weeks since I last seen you and every day gets better and better, I love it no more thinking and going over and over things all the time, life is good.
Thanks again I would recommend anyone out there to go and see Karen, she will change your life forever ????????????????

Andy, Western Australia

Karen is absolutely amazing

I have been taking my daughter, who suffers from anxiety, to see Karen for the last couple of years. Karen is absolutely amazing with her and manages to ease her anxiety and brings her back to a manageable level. My daughter is a high achiever and puts some huge pressures on herself in regards to this. The anxiety seems to escalate over time so when it does build up to a unmanageable level we book a session with Karen. The results afterwards are fantastic. It isn’t necessarily like turning a light on and off but during the week following I can notice the differences in her and her much calmer disposition.
A bonus of visiting Karen for a session is also the wonderful location of her offices. There is a lovely cafe on the premises and my daughter and I take the time to have a hot drink and a snack, something that my daughter absolutely loves to do with me. So for us this is an absolute bonus of visiting Karen.
I am so grateful we have found Karen and have recommended her to many of my friends, who have all have wonderful results in their lives from seeing her. I would highly recommend contacting Karen for any issues you may be experiencing in your life. She is a very warm and kind person which I believe compliments her professionally. I am so glad I found Karen and forever grateful she has been able to help my daughter get through this time.

Kim Y, Australia

Not coping with life feeling stressed and emotional

Vicki, Western Australia

Battling tremendous amount of stress and anxiety

I came to Karen emotionally exhausted after battling tremendous amount of stress and anxiety at work and at home, also dealing with grief after losing a parent unexpectedly overnight 2 years earlier. I had also lost another two close family members to cancer within 12 months of losing my dad.
I felt that I was running in a hamster-wheel spinning faster and faster, with no solution on how to get out, nor slow it down. I had the last 6 moths started to have severe issues with controlling emotions, with my partner majority of the time being on the receiving end. Also dealing with anxiety on a daily basis in a high paced, high performing, competitive work environment.
I am so happy that I reached out to Karen after looking for a psychologist with alternative methods, and was interested in hypnotherapy to deal with the underlying issues causing my state at the time. Karen is highly professional, and I felt welcome and cared for from the start.
One thing I did love about the process, is that I wasn’t required to tell her everything. I had seen another psychologist a few years earlier, where she wanted me to tell her my full life story in detail. Instead, Karen focuses on the key parts of the puzzle, and treat them accordingly. Together we created a plan, involving only a few sessions, and how we would get there including weekly metings and homework for me to focus on between the appointments.
I met with Karen 4 times, and saw results already after the first session. Today I am back on track feeling like myself again. Like an elephant has been lifted off my shoulders and with a positive look on the future and what it brings. I have learnt what I need to focus on for a balanced mindset, and what I need to work on in my lifestyle to minimise stress.
Based on my experience I would highly recommend Karen to anyone dealing with anxiety and trauma. I can not believe what she helped me accomplish in only a few sessions and has given me a new look at life. Also knowing my partner is equally grateful.

Therese, Western Australia

Lost 2 dress sizes in 2 months

I’ve been using Karren Verall’s Clinical Hypnotherapy service for the last two months. In that time I have gone down two dress sizes, improved the mobility in my arthritic knee joints and achieved a level of calm that pervades all aspects of my home and work life.
Karen Verrall has given me the tools to do the right things for my body without even thinking about it. She is always there to answer my questions and offer support.

Jenni-Marie Webb, Stratton WA

Hypnosis or NLP

If you are thinking that you might like to try hypnosis or neurolinguistic programming then I would thoroughly recommend seeing Karen Verrall.
Karen is very caring and thoughtful as well as being highly professional in her approach to treatment.
She is located in a beautiful area and the calm environment of her office also helps you feel comfortable and achieve good results with hypnosis and relaxation.
You will be in good hands.


Sudden Painful Loss

I just lost my wonderful horse who has been in the family for over 22 years, suddenly and very unexpected. Yes, he was old and he was glorious, almost in his prime. So his sudden death left me in disbelief.
While in my heart was able to accept the fact that every life comes to an end, there were 2 incidents that were traumatising to me. One of them seeing all the empty buckets, rugs and other gear that belonged to him and having to deal with them.
Karen did a TraumaClear session with me to help me getting out of that trauma and being able to deal with these things. She mentioned that we are erasing memories that are traumatising. When I left the session, I friend called me and asked me how I were and what we had done. I told her that we cleared 2 traumatic memories and to my surprise I was not even able to recall one of them, no matter how hard I tried.
Thank you Karen, this was swift, easy and very effective. Very recommendable!

Petra Webstein, Web Designer, Perth

Anxious and fearful about going to work

I’m a mental health Occupational Therapist and after several incidents at work involving aggressive and impulsive patients, I became anxious and fearful about going to work, and was seriously considering resigning. After seeing Karen and working through the TraumaClear program, I am no longer fearful and can again look forward to going to work!
One example is of a patient who became aggressive and intimidating in a therapy session and induced the flight response in me. I was subsequently very anxious about seeing them again. After Karen cleared this event, the next time I saw the patient I had no anxious reaction, and was able to effectively engage with the patient.
I would recommend health professionals seek treatment from Karen to manage anxiety, improve their comfort and effectiveness at work and overall well-being in their personal life.
Karen is very knowledgeable, understanding and non-judgemental and it is evident that she has a genuine interest in helping people to be the best version of themselves.

Kate – Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) anxious fearful work

Grief therapy

Thank you for your support during my recent sessions with you in dealing with my feelings of grief.
On every occasion after seeing you I experienced a deeper sense of calm. I feel I have been able to progress from a profound sadness to a sense of recognising that I will be able to cope and that it is not necessary to try to go it alone but that to seek assistance is a wise and appropriate action.
Your approach is welcoming and your techniques are relaxing and supportive. Each visit has been a very positive experience and I feel I have gained good strategies for the present and for the future.
Again, thank you. I may see you in the future, but for the moment I will build on the strength you have allowed me to discover.

Pat Locke

Feelings of shame & stress - Complex Trauma

Like many people, my childhood was not ideal. I was almost constantly in fear, and feelings of shame and stress were daily occurrences. It left me with many scars, and unhelpful beliefs about myself including very low self esteem, unhappiness and a constant desire make others happy at the expense of myself. As a mother I did not want this cycle passed onto my beautiful children. So I sought help through various psychologists.
This process was extremely costly and time consuming. I also tried various natural therapies, to no avail. Diet and exercise helped, but again did not really address the root of the problem. Finally, the doctor recommended antidepressants, leaving me feeling completely disempowered. With one crazy, last effort having read about the amazing healing that can occur from hypnotherapy to help deal with past trauma, I called Karen.
Karen has been the most positive step I have made in my life. I now feel in control of my life, and am beginning to realise that not only can I be happy, but that I deserve to be. I leave each and every session with amazing insights that help me feel empowered and let go of all the negative baggage such as anger, sadness and bitterness and somehow look at difficulty situations with fresh eyes and hope. Karen is also an amazing listener, who does not judge and so I feel I can be completely honest about my true thoughts and feelings. Everyone in my family, my husband and even my friends have noticed the improvements in my mood, and work has certainly been more enjoyable too. I cannot thank Karen enough for the changes that have occurred, and although I still feel the need to see her, I know that it will not be forever as I have the key to healing is within me. She has also helped with my sleep, my panic attacks have stopped altogether, and I am now making time to enjoy life, instead of being caught up ” in my head” after all these years. Although still difficult, I am learning to have strong boundaries with people who are a negative influence on my life, including close family which has always been a challenge. I cannot thank Karen enough for the help she has given me. I guess the biggest lesson I have learnt from her is that life is forever challenging me. However, it is within my power to be able to deal with it. Discovering how to love myself has been an amazing journey, as have had 42 years of not doing so and I think really the key to healing. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough, to anyone out there who is willing to be brave enough to not just ‘ get by day to day,” but to choose happiness instead. Surely everyone deserves that!

Rheshee Williams – Occupational Therapist

No negative thoughts or intimidation

Hi Karen, I just thought I’d let you know how things went at my last horse event. I didn’t find myself getting negative thoughts or being intimidated by other riders and their teams. I feel I rode really well and didn’t make any mistakes. It was a super confidence building weekend, so I think good results from my time with you again. Thanks so much.

Sue C, Western Australia

Overcoming my fears

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Christopher Goh

Skeptical and distrusting in the beginning

I was very skeptical and distrusting at the beginning, but at my wit’s end, I had to do something to combat my anxiety as it was taking over my life. When I left after our first meeting, I thought really that EVERYONE could benefit from seeing Karen, she has so much to offer. Over the course of six sessions, my trust in myself grew immeasurably — I was free to move in my life again, to do the things that I wanted to do without being crippled by anxiety and past traumas. Karen has helped me beyond words, and I am very grateful to have found her.

H. Brown, Western Australia

Historical Trauma


Greater sense of peace and calm

I now have a greater sense of peace and calm that is directly related to the work of Karen. I had been diagnosed with PTSD and treated with EMDR before coming to Karen. Some of the same issues that were treated with EMDR have emerged again and using TraumaClear I believe are resolved.
Karen’s work is gentle and effective and transformational. Thank you Karen.

Bec S, Western Australia

Stop feelings of overwhelm

I didn’t think it would be possible to stop the feelings of being overwhelmed and ruminating over past experiences. With Karen’s expert guidance through the TraumaClear program I was able to rationalise those feelings and get back to enjoying life again in a few sessions. I would highly recommend Karen’s gentle and safe practices to clear unhelpful thoughts and memories, I always felt safe, comfortable and valued.

Thank you, Karen, for an easy and painless solutions to clearing unhealthy thoughts and memories.


Imbalance of neuro-chemicals in brain

I went to Karen in desperation, after my GP had attributed my sleep difficulties to an imbalance of neuro-chemicals in my brain and he prescribed a huge dose of antidepressants.
I was also seeing a psychologist for many years to help deal with marriage issues and issues from my childhood, so I was well aware that I had symptoms of depression however my gut told me that taking the pills was the opposite of what I should do.
Unfortunately my doctor wouldn’t listen, and I left my GP of two years feeling frustrated, devalued, and most of all disempowered. I had heard of a friend who had lost weight because of Hypnosis and decided to give Karen a call. We have only had about 6 sessions, and after only two my sleep improved, and I had quit caffeine altogether (used to have 5 cups a day).
Now, I feel like I have the confidence to take control of my own happiness, and that it is actually achievable to live a life where I am more than ‘ just coping.” I also see that before I was stressed most of the time. Nothing really made as big a difference as the hypnosis has done, and although I am still on my journey to healing, I now look forwards to it with hope and positivity.
I laugh more, the kids and my husband have benefitted and I am even thinking of finally doing things at work and in my personal life I would never have dreamed of trying before. I cannot thank Karen enough, not just for the gains in hypnosis, but also for her, kind, honest compassionate, and approachable personality. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to empower themselves in their desire for inner happiness.
Thanks again Karen!

Rheshee Williams – Occupational Therapist

Real, practical and attainable

Karen’s approach to wellness is real, practical and attainable. I feel my life is back on track and I am excited about my future with my personal toolbox full of “Strategies for Life”.
Thank you, Karen, for your patience, professionalism and practice solutions to living a good life.



Achieving quick results

Karen’s multifaceted approach is extremely effective. I benefit greatly by her hypnosis and she enables me to feel balanced and back in control. I have achieved results far more quickly than I ever expected and I really enjoy working with her.

Debbie Dowden, Australia

Anxiety and stress

After being given the lead role in a local playhouse I found it difficult to remember my lines. I had so many things on and my level of stress was high.
Karen Verrall offered to use hypnosis to assist me and I found it transforming me. My levels of stress reduced and my memory improved. Even when I forgot a line I managed to cover it up with my new found confidence. Even the director noticed I had improved significantly. I would recommend Karen to assist with stress and improving confidence in any situation.


Free from the traumatic experience

Robyn, Western Australia

Bad dreams, anxious & not sleeping

When our daughter, 8 yrs old, was experiencing very graphic bad dreams and an inexplicable fear of the dark, Karen Easter was able to assist. Little Miss was becoming anxious about getting to sleep, and self-settling when she awoke during the night. She was waking 2-3 times a night and no-one, including us as parents, were getting a good night’s sleep. Bedtime was stressful and our family was frazzled.
Using her nurturing nature to initially help our daughter feel comfortable, Karen then taught her how to re-frame what she was feeling and how to take back control. She taught her these skills in a child appropriate way. The results were almost instant and after one session we had an improvement. Our daughter took to Karen very quickly and when after just 2 sessions she didn’t need to return, she was quite sad.
We recommended Karen to a friend after her daughter was having difficulty with anxiety, and they too reported a much similar experience.
I would highly recommend Karen Easter
Anna Campbell – Parent and AHPRA registered Paediatric Occupational Therapist (BSc hons OT) sleep dreams anxious

My struggles with anxiety

I approached Karen at Strategies 4 life due to my struggle with anxiety. I have had anxiety for a couple of years and I noticed I started to stop enjoying things. I would even avoid doing certain things in fear of having an anxiety attack. I had heard good things about Karen through a friend and knew I needed to give her a go.
Karen helped me by showing me different techniques to help with my anxiety and also used hypnosis. After a few sessions with Karen I saw a huge difference. I was doing things I didn’t want to do before. I was so much more relaxed.
One thing I liked was the hypnosis. It left me feeling so relaxed and calm.
I found the experience so rewarding and Karen is so welcoming. I no longer need to attend Karen’s sessions but I felt so good after the hypnosis I will be back for a top up.
I would highly recommend Karen to people who need help with not only anxiety but anything you are struggling with. Thanks for all your help Karen.

Alana, Western Australia

Happy many times over…

Well when it comes to Hypnotherapist I am very sceptical, at the beginning of the year I was very down so I decided I would try a hypnotherapy. I went onto the net and I came across Karen Verrall. I made contact with her and it was one of the best things I have done she is so good and knows exactly what one needs are after a few minutes of discussion I am feeling so well that I recommend that my wife to, she know cannot wait for Saturday to come round so we can have our sessions.
I also recommend a friend to Karen and she went but she did not fell happy with being hypnotist, Karen gave her a book to read and my friend told me that it is one of the best books she has read so the time and money was still well spent, so as I said at the beginning this Lady knows what she is doing.
I highly recommend her and if you would like to call me to confirm this is real and not some bs story please do!!!!

Michael David Meilech, Dianella

Depressed, anxious & addicted

I’ve spent the last 6 or 7 years trapped alone in my house, depressed, anxious, addicted , having trouble sleeping, not seeing many friends, not driving anywhere. A few sessions, weeks, (a couple of months ago) later & all those things have changed. I’ve done a lot of things to help me change my life for the better and besides me wanting that change, I believe Karen helped me through a great deal of these problems.
I believe in what Karen does now, so much most nights I even listen to a hypnosis CD whilst I go to sleep – though nothing beats Karen’s sessions. She talks to you to understand your problems, which ables her to help you in the best possible way and not just with hypnosis, she’s full of advice, tips & even can teach you this little trick called NLP.
I recommend Karen to anyone with a problem they’ve been struggling with from addictions, stress, fears to self confidence issues. From the ‘bottom of my heart’, I want to thank her, Karen you’ve helped me through so much and changed my life for the better. I can’t wait to buy your hypnosis CDs.

Kelly H.