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Book a FREE Call with Karen

Need an introduction? Have questions? Book a free 15-minute call with Karen and get all the answers you need. It’s the perfect way to get started on your journey to a better life. Don’t miss out, book your free call now!

Initial Session

Please reserve a spot in the program that fits best your needs or opt for a customised session. Each initial session lasts for 2 hours and is priced at $260.

Subsequent Sessions

Existing Clients - 1 Hour

Book a one-hour session with Karen, available exclusively for our existing clients.

Priced at $170, this tailored session provides a dedicated time to address your specific needs and concerns. Whether you require further guidance, support, or have any burning questions, Karen is here to assist you on your journey to a better life. Don’t miss out, book your session now and unlock the power of change.

New & Existing Clients - 1.5 Hour

Unlock the power of change with a 1.5-hour session with Karen at Strategies 4 Life. Tailored for our new & existing clients, this session provides dedicated time to address your specific needs and concerns.

Priced at $190 per session, Karen is here to guide and support you on your journey to a better life. Don’t miss out, book your session now and experience the transformative impact.

Individual Programs

Individual Programs

The Mind Matters Program

THE MIND MATTERS PROGRAM Struggling with something? From weight challenges to feeling overwhelmed, find the solution easily. Using simple strategies and techniques, develop the ability to change and live the life you desire. Is something causing you concern? Do you...

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Individual Programs

The Addiction Clear Program

THE ADDICTION CLEAR PROGRAM Are you experiencing addiction? Addiction comes in many shapes and forms, most commonly to food & substances. It is treatable by identifying the core issue driving the behaviour. It’s like it has a hold on you. You may have stopped,...

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Individual Programs

The Trauma Clear Program

THE TRAUMA CLEAR PROGRAM Are you suffering from traumatic memories? Traumatic memories can be created from accidents, loss of loved ones, or other major happenings causing shock to your body. Support and permanent relief is available. Have you suffered from...

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Individual Programs

The Anxiety-Clear program

THE ANXIETY CLEAR® PROGRAM Are you experiencing anxiety? Anxiety is commonly caused by stress, fear, worry and panic, triggering a feeling of overwhelm and depression. Is your mind filled with constant noise? Are you forever thinking about worries and concerns,...

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Corporate Training

Corporate Programs

Mental Health First Aid Training

CORPORATE WORKSHOPS & TRAININGS Mental Health First Aid Training Mental Health First Aid Training creates an opportunity to build better relationships at work and improve business productivity. Mental Health First Aid teaches participants how to assist people...

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Mental Health First Aid
Corporate Programs

Binge Living

CORPORATE WORKSHOPS & TRAININGS Binge Living How overdoing is the cause of underachieving In a world where almost everything is now on demand, you'd think our lives would be easier, fuller, more textured.  From phone addictions to alcohol consumption, we are...

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Binge Living – How overdoing is the cause of underachieving