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The programs have been established to ensure change, but cancellation is possible.

I’m committed to ensuring everyone who decides to invest in  Medical Hypnoanalysis gets the support they need and achieves their goals.

When you complete the recommended sessions in your program, you will give yourself the best chance of being free from problems for the rest of your life.

If at any time you feel the program isn’t right for you, there is no contract between us and you do not have to pay the balance, and you can be refunded for services not used.  

I will, however, always encourage you to stay committed to yourself to achieve the life you desire.

The refund calculation will be done on the full price of sessions, the savings shown above will not be included when refunding.  

Research demonstrates that by booking and paying for something we are making a strong commitment towards change. This becomes therapeutic when we hold the intention for ourselves and confirm that we are worth investing in.

Yes, some health funds will provide rebates for hypnotherapy sessions. Check with your health fund to be sure, and to find out if any restrictions apply.

If you are currently part of a criminal or worker’s compensation claim, you may also be eligible for government assistance. Please ask me for guidance, when we speak.

Please note, individual sessions require two days (48 hours) notice to cancel or change.  

If less than 48 hours notice 50% of session cost will be charged.  If the session is cancelled on the day no refund will be given.

Clients can change their time or day for appointment within 48 hours, if available.

Sessions must be paid in alignment with the planned payment schedule or appointments maybe cancelled and offered to other clients.

Please ask if you are experiencing any challenges, regarding time or money. Wherever possible I will aim to assist you and work out a fair solution.

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