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Wedding Gemma

"Hi Karen, I just wanted to let you know that the wedding went really well. I was nervous getting ready but I was so calm during the ceremony (everything we covered in the sessions). I spoke really well and I am so glad we ran through the day a couple of times! I was so emotional and teary all morning (which we didn't work on) but fine once I got there! So glad it's over! I no longer feel sick!! 

Thanks for your help, Gemma" 

Free from negative thoughts

Hi Karen, I just thought I’d let you know how things went at my last horse event.

I didn’t find myself getting negative thoughts or being intimidated by other riders and their teams. I feel I rode really well and didn’t make any mistakes. It was a super confidence building weekend, so I think good results from my time with you again.

Thanks so much

Remove anxiety

I have been taking my daughter, who suffers from anxiety, to see Karen for the last couple of years. Karen is absolutely amazing with her and manages to ease her anxiety and brings her back to a manageable level. My daughter is a high achiever and puts some huge pressures on herself in regards to this. The anxiety seems to escalate over time so when it does build up to a unmanageable level we book a session with Karen. The results afterwards are fantastic. It isn't necessarily like turning a light on and off but during the week following I can notice the differences in her and her much calmer disposition. 

A bonus of visiting Karen for a session is also the wonderful location of her offices. There is a lovely cafe on the premises and my daughter and I take the time to have a hot drink and a snack, something that my daughter absolutely loves to do with me. So for us this is an absolute bonus of visiting Karen. 

I am so grateful we have found Karen and have recommended her to many of my friends, who have all have wonderful results in their lives from seeing her. I would highly recommend contacting Karen for any issues you may be experiencing in your life. She is a very warm and kind person which I believe compliments her professionally. I am so glad I found Karen and forever grateful she has been able to help my daughter get through this time.

Remove anxiety

I am so grateful for Karen's help to remove anxiety and overthinking from my day to day life. The feelings were building after a few bad experiences but her practices have removed those horrible feelings and have helped me move on with my life.

She was welcoming and helpful and after each hypnosis session I instantly felt relaxed and calm. I am so happy with the results and how fast they worked after only a couple of session. I feel much more myself and in control of my life again!

Everyday life gets better and better

Just to say thanks Karen for helping me out. You have definitely changed the way I think, you are amazing at what you do.

Its been around about 5 weeks since I last seen you and every day gets better and better, I love it no more thinking and going over and over things all the time, life is good.

Thanks again I would recommend anyone out there to go and see Karen, she will change your life forever 😁😁💋💋

Say Yes to Life

I was very skeptical and distrusting at the beginning, but at my wit's end, I had to do something to combat my anxiety as it was taking over my life. When I left after our first meeting, I thought really that EVERYONE could benefit from seeing Karen, she has so much to offer. Over the course of six sessions, my trust in myself grew immeasurably — I was free to move in my life again, to do the things that I wanted to do without being crippled by anxiety and past traumas. Karen has helped me beyond words, and I am very grateful to have found her.

TraumaClear - Greater sense of peace and calm

I now have a greater sense of peace and calm that is directly related to the work of Karen. I had been diagnosed with PTSD and treated with EMDR before coming to Karen. Some of the same issues that were treated with EMDR have emerged again and using TraumaClear I believe are resolved.
Karen's work is gentle and effective and transformational. Thank you Karen.

Sun rays - clearing trauma

I didn’t think it would be possible to stop the feelings of being overwhelmed and ruminating over past experiences.  With Karen’s expert guidance through the TraumaClear program I was able to rationalise those feelings and get back to enjoying life again in a few sessions.  I would highly recommend Karen’s gentle and safe practices to clear unhelpful thoughts and memories, I always felt safe, comfortable and valued.

Thank you, Karen, for an easy and painless solutions to clearing unhealthy thoughts and memories.


Successful therapy

Karen’s approach to wellness is real, practical and attainable.  I feel my life is back on track and I am excited about my future with my personal toolbox full of “Strategies for Life”.

Thank you, Karen, for your patience, professionalism and practice solutions to living a good life. 


woman with horse

I just lost my wonderful horse who has been in the family for over 22 years, suddenly and very unexpected. Yes, he was old and he was glorious, almost in his prime. So his sudden death left me in disbelief.

Success not stress

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