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Are you experiencing addiction?

Addiction comes in many shapes and forms, most commonly to food & substances. It is treatable by identifying the core issue driving the behaviour.

It’s like it has a hold on you. You may have stopped, but then found yourself doing it again.  

Do you feel ashamed, and feel a sense of failure? Do your friends or family comment on your actions? Could you be addicted?

You are not alone.

Many people experience addictions, which can bring up strong feelings of shame and anger.

Even when the action or substance brings you short term pleasure, you then find yourself struggling over and over again to regain control.  

It can impact on your work and your relationships. It can cost you more than you can afford, both emotionally and financially.

If this sounds like your situation, the AddictionClear Program can help.

Please note: I do not work with all addictions but specialise in particular areas. Please call or email me to discuss how I can assist you.

What is an addiction?

An addiction is a compulsive behaviour, which is used to create a release of positive feelings.  It’s an overwhelming urge to engage in an activity or action, which provides a short term rush of good emotions.

Addiction is not simply a desire for pleasure.  It has nothing to do with someone’s strength of character. It is a compulsion and you may not even be aware it has become a problem.

Addictions are created by your desire to experience a positive feeling.  This can give us  temporary relief from a negative situation, or thought patterns.

It can be subtly developed through many situations, however, over time it can take hold over your entire life.  

There are many things you can become addicted to.  It can be subtle at first, and then before you realise, you’re being controlled by an addiction.

All addictions cost us emotionally, and often financially. They can even cost you your family and friends.   

Are you ready to change this situation? Imagine living free of addiction.  By identifying what has caused the need to do the addiction you can eliminate it permanently.   

You can achieve this with the AddictionClear Program.

What are the types of addictions?

Addictions come in many forms,  including food, alcohol, sugar, smoking, shopping, sex,  smoking and cannabis.

Addictions also include kleptomania (compulsive stealing), pyromania (fire lighting), exercising obsessively, pornography, computer related addictions, gaming, cutting your body, bulimia and even working obsessively.

These compulsions are categorised into three types of addictions which include, substance addictions, impulse control disorders and behavioural addictions.

Addictions involve a feeling of being unable to stop.  The action or substance may make us feel good short term, and then create feelings of guilt or shame later. Some addictions may physically harm our bodies or even the people we love.

We may tell ourselves it’s ok, but hide our actions from friends and family.  Addictions impact on our health.    

What are the benefits of overcoming addiction?

Clearing your addiction creates better relationships with your family and friends.  You can enjoy life without guilt and shame.  

By taking control over addictions, you’ll have more choices. You’ll feel good about yourself.  You’ll have more money and enjoy better health.

When the relationship with yourself improves, you’ll also experience an increase in your confidence, motivation, and generally feel better about everything. Life becomes easier. You will enjoy more money and greater choices in life.

Are you ready to feel healthy and really alive?

How does it work?

The AddictionClear Program works by identifying the original cause of the addiction.

Many people are unaware of what caused the origin of the addiction, however, during your sessions you’ll learn many effective ways of identifying these underlying program.  When this memory is discovered it can be cleared.  

At the same time, you’ll choose a set of small changes to make in your daily life. These ensure you keep moving forward, free from addiction.  

Don’t worry, you won’t need to make big or sudden changes to your routine. Together we’ll look for the small things that can have a big impact.  

As you progress through the program, free of addictions, your life gets better and your relationships grow. Your finances are also likely to improve as you improve your ability to focus and be productive.

What is included in the AddictionClear Program?

The AddictionClear Program generally includes six sessions, delivered across six weeks, depending on the type of addiction.

During your first session we will complete a detailed questionnaire which provides me with a summary of your history and current challenges. The number of sessions can then be discussed.

The first session is for two hours.  During this time I will begin to understand what has been happening for you that has created the addiction triggers.

Together we’ll discuss the therapies and then establish a personalised plan to achieve your desired outcome. 

Subsequent sessions are around 90 minutes each (usually the same time each week for five weeks after the first session).  

Each session is tailored to suit your unique situation and history, and will depend on your progress, however, will always include therapy and discussion time.

Throughout the program, you’ll also receive additional resources to support your progress.

Most clients begin to experience a more confident and happy life by the fourth session if not before. The final two sessions help embed the new behavioural and thinking habits into place.

The sessions are held at my counselling rooms in Darlington Western Australia during the hours on my website and on Saturdays, by appointment.  

Benefits of a program

When we commit to a program we are more likely to achieve life long change.  Over time and with support and encouragement, we continue to reinforce the change and it becomes easier to maintain our new way of life.

Learning a different way to do things is best achieved over a period of time.  Establishing good patterns occurs through creating consistent behaviour and thinking. In this way, new brain networks are created to ensure we keep the change.

Through my experience of working with hundreds of clients, I have found that you are more likely to succeed with your goals when in a committed program with regular sessions.

You will also benefit by transforming on a deeper more consistent level.

Through completing the AddictionClear program you can expect to feel:

  1. A greater sense of commitment to yourself.
  2. More focused and an increased ability to be persistent.
  3. The ability to achieve your goals.

Clients who commit to their chosen program are more likely to achieve their goals and maintain their transformation.

How much is the AddictionClear Program?

Addiction Clear Program

The initial session of the Addiction Clear program is $250 for a 2 hours session. During this time we will discuss the optimum program for you. Generally 6 sessions will be effective to release you from Addiction, provide you with resources and support materials.

1 Initial Session - Duration approx. 2 hours @ Cost: $250
Book initial session

The subsequent sessions of the Anxiety Clear program are $160 for a 1 hour session. 

1 Subsequent Session - Duration approx. 1.5 hours @ Cost: $180
Book subsequent session


If you have any questions about the program, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or simply Book a complimentary 30 minute session with Karen or Contact Us.

Ready to begin?

Are you ready to make a change? Fill in the form below, letting me know how you would like to be contacted and I’ll be in touch very soon.

Our first step will be to schedule your first appointment (two-hours) and arrange for the payment of $250, which covers this session.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you resolve your addiction once and for all.

 Karen Easter from Strategies 4 Life


Karen Easter

- B.A. (Soc Sc)
- Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy (NSW)
- CHt. Practitioner NLP (NSW)
- Master Practitioner, Human Neuro Linguistic Psychology
- Advanced Dipl. Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP & Psychotherapy

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