Struggling with something?

From weight challenges to feeling overwhelmed, find the solution easily. Using simple strategies and techniques, develop the ability to change and live the life you desire. 

Is something causing you concern? Do you feel stuck and overwhelmed?  No matter what the concern there is a solution.  By using a combination of therapies and strategies you can discover the most effective solution to your problem. 

Sometimes we can feel stuck doing something we are ashamed of, overwhelmed by or just tired of.  Clients may complain of eating issues, relationship problems, have a phobia, feel loneliness, feel stuck in a thought patter or just require a non-judgemental point of view.  

No matter what the issue, the answer can be found easily through reducing stressful thoughts, sharing the challenge and looking within.  Clients generally know what they require to do or change,  and often require support and motivation to implement the solution. 

The choices we make are influenced by our thoughts. Our thoughts are influenced by our emotions. When we are feeling good we make good choices, in food, love and life. When we are not feeling good about ourselves, environments, work, relationships, finances, etc. we can make poor choices in our food and all other parts of our life. Even the quality of our sleep plays an important part in maintaining a healthy weight and perspective.

Types of issues

Often our desire for food is not motivated by hunger, but wanting to change how we are feeling. This can drive us to comfort eating. Reaching for sugary foods, such as chocolate, biscuits and savoury foods, all help us to change the way we are feeling. Unfortunately, this is only a short-term fix for our emotional distress. Overeating this food then creates a cycle of feeling guilt and shame for overindulging. We then reach for more to change our feelings again. We may quickly regain hard earned reductions of weight. We get stuck in a loop of using food to change our feelings.

Our thoughts impact our moods and actions.  When we feel trapped, stuck, sad, lonely, hurt or challenged the chemistry released by our thinking can have a detrimental effect on our actions and subsequent thinking. This compounds the way we feel and we get stuck doing the same actions and thinking.  By clearing limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns with the help of hypnosis and TraumaClear clients can discover a better way, find solutions and feel more confident to make changes.  No matter what the issue there is a solution.  The solution can not be found with the same thinking that created it, so by clearing out the negative, it will make finding the positive far easier. 

How does it work?

By thinking good thoughts you feel better, you then reduce the focus on looking for solutions in food and bad habits.  You naturally make better choices and begin to enjoy life again, rather than being obsessed with trying to change your emotions with things in the external world, you will simply feel happier in your internal responses.  

We change our old patterns by changing our thinking. By changing our thinking, we then feel better about ourselves. When we feel better about ourselves we only desire to care for our body and eat food that nourishes us and take actions that makes us feel good.

The process is simple and allows you to clear the emotions that are driving the negative feelings. Some of these you may not be aware of. By using hypnosis, TraumaClear®, NLP and other therapies, a good relationship is established with yourself gently. This change begins in the first session. 

What happens in the sessions?

At the first session we will spend time developing a plan for you that fits in with your lifestyle. By introducing simple changes in your daily routine, you can build upon strategies to achieve your goal. You will find this easy to do with the change in your mindset. By using hypnotherapy, NLP and TraumaClear® to clear any resistance, you will create a healthier focus.

How many sessions will I require?

People feel motivated after the first session, and by the fourth session, they have generally implemented new actions to begin achieving their goal outcome. By 6 to 12 sessions people generally have a significant shift in their lifestyle and have noticed a difference in motivation and their choices.

Depending on your goal and your commitment to implementing the strategies that are developed at the session, the time to achieve your desired outcome will vary. Allow four sessions to get a clear idea of where you are headed.  

Ready to Begin?

The initial session of the Mind Matters program is $250 for a 2 hours session. During this time we will discuss the optimum program for you. Generally 6 to 12 sessions will be effective to release you from mental problems, provide you with resources and support materials. You can pay via my online booking system using a credit card or PayPal, or arrange to pay by direct deposit or cash at your session.

1 Initial Session

The initial session for the Mind Matters Program is 2 hours duration, allowing time to create the appropriate solutions. During this time we will discuss the optimum program for you. Generally 6 sessions will be effective to release you from your mental problems, provide you with resources and support materials.

2 Hour Initial Session
Cost $250
1 Subsequent Session

At your initial session the program options will be discussed with so you can decide what will suit you best. Alternatively you are welcome to book a Free call with Karen.

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About Karen Easter

  • B.A. (Soc Sc)
  • Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy (NSW)
  • CHt. Practitioner NLP (NSW)
  • Master Practitioner, Human Neuro Linguistic Psychology
  • Advanced Dipl. Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP & Psychotherapy


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